Top Shampoos for Thinning Hair: Your Guide to Healthy Locks

Hair loss and thinning hair can be caused by a variety of factors, from genetics to stress to hair care practices and more. While it's true that most shampoos and treatments promising miraculous hair regrowth in 30 days often fall short, it doesn't mean you should give up hope or toss out all your hair products. Taking good care of your hair is essential to prevent further loss and maintain its health and shine. Investing in high-quality, salon-grade products can make a significant difference. Here are our top recommendations:


    • Website: DAVROE
    • Davroe is a personal favorite of ours at Lusta (Kim actually uses this for her hair!). They use high-quality ingredients and offer sulfate-free options. For those looking to add volume to thin hair, we recommend their Volume Senses range.

      davroe hair products


    • Website: La Biosthetique
    • La Biosthetique is another fantastic brand with a wide range of products targeting various hair concerns. Our top pick is their shampoo for dry hair, known for its ultra-hydrating properties that leave your hair silky soft.

      hair products for thin hair


    • Website: KÉRASTASE
    • Kérastase is a well-regarded brand for both alternative hair pieces and natural hair. Our favorite is the Genesis range, which offers products for strengthening weakened hair, catering to both dry and oily hair types.



    • Website: MILKSHAKE
    • Milkshake's fun branding and packaging make it a favorite among Lusta stylists. Their Energizing Blend and Volume Solution products are particularly noteworthy.



    • Website: REDKEN
    • Redken offers high-quality products without the hefty price tag. The Volume Injection range is excellent for maintaining thick and healthy-looking hair. Additionally, check out the All Soft range for hair strengthening.


  6. L'ORÉAL

    • WEBSITE: L'Oréal
    • L'Oréal's plump shampoo is a fantastic choice for dry, thin hair. It adds the much-needed moisture that many individuals with hair loss seek, resulting in soft, shiny, and thicker-looking hair.



    • WEBSITE: Screen
    • Screen is a brand consistently recommended by Lusta stylists. Their ABC Amplify Shampoo is a top pick for creating natural body and movement in thin hair.

      hair products


    • Website: CPR HAIR
    • CPR Hair offers a great range of products tailored to thin, fine hair. Their Volume Range is a standout, but we also love their Nourish Solution Range, which provides exceptional hydration.

      thinning hair

  9. EVO

    • Website: EVO
    • Last but not least, EVO stands out with its fun and positive branding. Two of our favorite products from their range are The Gluttony Volumizing Shampoo and The Therapist Hydrating Conditioner.

      evo hair

That concludes our list of the top 9 products to consider for thinning, fine hair. Have you discovered any other game-changing products for your thin hair? Please share your experiences and recommendations.