How clingy works

  • Simple Sprinkle and go
  • Builds instant and natural looking fullness and coverage for fine or thinning hair
  • Electrostatic technology enabling microscopic fibers to cling to your hair strands without altering the texture of your hair.
  • Perfect for disguising thinning hair or creating the illusion of fullness to achieve any desired hair style
  • No harsh chemicals or additives that irritate the scalp.
  • Made with natural cotton
  • Colour will not run with sweat, rain or humidity.

The Science

Science class is now in session! Let’s get down to the facts, and show you why cotton fibers are your hair’s BFF! 

Your hair has a positive electrical charge. One of the basics of physics is that two positive charges do not attract- they repel each other. Keratin fibers are actually made from wool. As wool is technically a type of hair, they also have a positive charge. Remember when you were a kid playing with magnets and the two positive sides would never touch each other? That’s exactly what happens when you put keratin fibers on your hair. They don’t cling to your hair. 

Clingy is not about that life. Clingy is made with cotton fibers and cotton has a negative charge. Based on the laws of physics, opposites attract! With the positive charge of your hair and the negative charge of Clingy Fibers, the fibers will cling to your hair until you want to take them off. 

Keratin fibers can also be super itchy and irritable. Sure, you love that wool sweater your mum gave you, but after wearing it all day it gets super itchy right? That’s what it's like using keratin fibers. Because wool needs to be dyed and chemically treated before it goes on your head, this can cause irritation and itchiness on your scalp. Clingy is an au naturale type of girl, completely vegan and organic with just two simple ingredients. The first and most important ingredient is Organic Moroccan cotton. This type of cotton was selected due to the obvious high quality and superior clinging power BUT is also super gentle on your scalp. The second ingredient is a mineral colourant, to make Clingy the right shade for your hair. This colourant is just like the powder foundation you use- so it’s totally non-irritable.

 Thanks for joining us for our Fiber Science Class!