7 Hair Loss Influencers You Need to Be Following

When I found the hair loss community, over 7 years ago now, I was honestly in AWE. I was suddenly surronded by so many strong, powerful, resourceful women who were taking back the confidence that hair loss stole from them. The hair loss community has been a life changing space for me, and so many other women.

Although social media can sometimes be a dark place, these are 8 women who are working to inspire others and provide such empowering advice.

  1. @hairlossboss aka Kellie
    Kellie is one of my personal friends. She's an awesome Aussie babe with Androgenic Alopecia. Kellie has been wearing wigs for years, so she really knows her stuff when it comes to alternative hair. She's always happy to chat and she makes the most relatable videos!
    hair loss boss
  2. @lacie.rodriguez aka Lacie
    Lacie is such a star in the hair loss community. It's her mission to normalise hair loss and help other women with alopecia, thinning hair or medical-related hair loss feel supported in their journey.
    alopecia influencer
  3. @confidence_is_key85 aka Lauren
    Lauren is such a kind-hearted, inclusive woman spreading the word about female hair loss AND mental health issues. Lauren is so open about her own story and it's SO powerful.
    hair loss influencer
  4. @alopecia_with_nikita aka Nikita
    Nikita is a badass traveling midwife who currently lives in New Zealand. She makes super relatable videos on all things hair loss and dating. She's super honest and raw and we love her for it!

    hair loss influencers
  5. @my_trich_journey aka Hattie
    Hattie has had trichotilomania (a hair-pulling disorder) since she was a child. Through her account, she's raising awareness for this little-known form of hair loss. She's so much fun!

    hair loss influencers
  6. @hairlossgirlboss aka Jess
    Jess is taking the alternative hair world by storm! She has so many great styling and wig-wearing tips.

    hair loss influencers
  7. @faux.hurr.life aka Lorena
    Lorena is a true hair loss sister. Through her account she highlights how much FUN it is to wear wigs and have the freedom to switch up your style. She's super creative!

    hair loss influencer

Do you follow any hair loss sisters on Instagram or social media? Add them to our list!