Who does Clingy work for?

Clingy works for everyone who has hair, as the nature of the fibers means they will only ‘cling’ to hair strands. The best candidates for Clingy are those with widening part lines or sparse patches. Clingy doesn’t work well on scar tissue or completely bald areas.

What is Clingy made of?

Clingy has just two ingredients! 100% organic natural organic cotton fibers and a tiny amount of pigment (just like your mineral makeup foundation powder)

How long does it take to apply?

Clingy can create her magic within just a few seconds! Allow up to 3 minutes for fuller coverage.

Can I apply it on wet/damp hair?

Clingy needs dry hair to work at her best. She works well with freshly washed and blow-dried hair.

Is it safe to use everyday?

Definitely! Clingy is 100% natural and won’t irritate your scalp.

Can I use it on dyed or coloured hair?

Yes! Clingy is fine for any hair type.

Does it fall out throughout the day?

Due to Clingy’s electrostatic staying power, she’ll keep clinging to you all day long!

Does it stain clothes, furniture, scalp, etc?

Nope! Clingy can easily be brushed off any surface. She only likes to cling to natural hair.

Will it come off on my pillow?

Nope! Clingy is designed to stay clung to you, even when you sleep.

How long will it stay in?

Clingy will stay in until you wash your hair with shampoo. You may notice on your second day of wearing Clingy you may need to do a little touch up.

Does it run if I like Pina Coladas and get caught in the rain, or if I’m working up a cardio sweat?

Clingy is there for you no matter what. A little bit of rain or sweat is no match for Clingy’s ultra-staying power. I mean, maybe if you get caught in heavy downpour you might need a bit of a touch up, but a workout or light rain won’t ruin your hair-do.

Does Clingy cause more hair loss?

Clingy is an entirely natural product and is super gentle on your scalp. She’s not going to cause your scalp or hair any further irritation. She’s there to make your hair look thicker, not make it fall out more. Clingy does not clog pores or hair follicles.

How do you remove it?

Although Clingy may seem like she’s going to hold onto you forever, she comes out super easily with just a bit of shampoo and water. No harsh scrubbing needed.

Can I use minoxidil and Clingy?

Yes! Apply minoxidil to your scalp and allow it to dry completely before using Clingy.

Is it noticeable?

Once you’ve blended Clingy into your hair she’s totally undercover. Clingy isn’t like those terribly obvious spray on hair lines you see men in old movies wearing. She’s super subtle and looks just like your own hair.