Are Clingy Hair Fibers Safe?

Let's talk about the safety of hair fibers. 

It's super important to us that hair fibers are safe to use every day! Let's break it down. 

Are Hair Fibers safe for your scalp? 

Will Clingy cause MORE hair loss? Heck no! We wouldn't want our hair loss solution to cause more hair loss. Clingy is made for sensitive scalps. The cotton particles of Clingy are too big to clog your hair pores. Totally safe for your scalp!

Are Hair Fibers safe to inhale? 

It is not recommended that you directly inhale hair fibers and inhalation should be avoided, as is the case with any powder makeup or beauty product. 

Clingy Fibers has been thoroughly tested by a Cosmetic Safety Asessor with SGS and has been found to be safe for cosmetic use when used in it's intended way. 

There are no nanoparticles present in Clingy Fibers. Clingy Fibers are well within the margins of safety for a cosmetic product. 

Does Clingy Fibers Cause Byssinosis? 

Byssionosis is a lung condition which can develop after acute exposure to cotton particles in it's RAW form. When Clingy arrives to you, it has already been processed so it's safe to use. When Clingy is applied correctly it does not cause any harm to your lungs. 

In Summary

Clingy is safe for both your scalp and your health! If you'd like any more information on the safety of hair fibers please reach out to