Clingy Science 101

Let’s chat about the science behind Clingy 👨‍🔬 I’m about to take you back to high school physics! Clingy is like a magnet for your hair 🧲 This is because of a fancy little thing called ‘electrostatics’. Different surfaces will have either a positive or negative electrostatic charge. Your hair has a POSITIVE electrostatic charge and Clingy Fibers has a NEGATIVE electrostatic charge. Just like a battery, opposites attract right? This means that Clingy will literally cling to your hair until you wash her out (can you see why we love the name 😉).


Clingy is a cotton-based fiber. Let me guess, you’re questioning how this is different from the keratin fibers sitting on your bathroom shelf. Firstly, Keratin fibers are made of wool. And just like your hair, wool has a positive electrical charge. What does that mean? They won’t cling to your hair and stay put as Clingy does. Instead, you may find it leaves a residue on your scalp 🤨. 


The other thing about Keratin fibers is that wool can irritate your scalp and leave you feeling veeeeeery itchy. Not exactly eczema friendly! Plus, wool needs to be dyed and treated before it’s ready to go on your scalp.


Clingy is 100% natural and organic 🌱 It’s made from two ingredients - organic Moroccan Cotton and natural pigment (like what you would find in your mineral powder foundation). Did I mention Clingy is also vegan and animal-cruelty free? 🙉 What a bonus!