Comparing Hair Loss Solutions: Finding Your Perfect Match 💁‍♀️

Hey there, Clingy fam! 

My search for a solution for hair loss was nearly a decade long. I tried everything from vitamins to medications to PRP was exhausting. And, unfortunately, my type of hair loss was non-responsive to treatments. 

So, after trying all the pills and potions, I turned to options which were GUARANTEED. These options are hair fibers, hair toppers, hair extensions and wigs. Using these products you are literally guaranteed to have thicker hair. No guess work. No hopes and prayers. You just put them on your head and your looks thicker. Simple as that. 

Let's dive into these options for hair loss. 

1. Hair Fibers: Your Quick Fix Friend 🌟

Hair fibers are like that sprinkle of fairy dust for your hair. They're tiny fibers that bond with your existing hair, giving it a fuller appearance. Oh, the magic of science! 

Clingy Fibers is also completely natural and organic. It's made of just two ingredients; moroccan cotton & mineral pigment. Hair fibers will stay in place all day long and will not run if you sweat. They're an awesome solution to hair loss!


  • Instant Gratification: See results in seconds. No waiting, no fuss.
  • Natural Ingredients: With brands like Clingy Fibers, you're getting organic Moroccan cotton and mineral pigment. No weird chemicals here!
  • Easy to Use: Sprinkle them on, style as you wish, and you're good to go.
  • Budget-friendly: Hair fibers don't incur a high investment and they're accessible for most budgets. 

hair fibers before and after

2. Hair Toppers: The Crown's Jewel 👑

Hair toppers are absolutely life-changing. Hair toppers are kinda like a mix between hair extensions and wigs. They provide coverage to the crown of your head and add instant thickness and length. Unlike a wig, you wear your own hair out with a hair topper which can make your hair still feel more 'you'. 


  • Natural Look: They blend beautifully, making it hard to tell where your hair ends and the topper begins.
  • Super secure: Lusta Hair toppers have six Pressure Sensitive Clips you use to attach the topper to your own hair. These clips are super gentle while also keeping your piece in place all day long. 
  • Easy & Instant: With a topper, you'll be able to have perfect hair within SECONDS. All you do is flip your topper onto your head, clip it into place, blend and you're ready to go. 

hair topper before and after

3. Hair Extensions: Add That Extra Oomph! 💃

I used to wear hair extensions myself before my hair got too thin to cover the wefts. For a while they were a great option for me to add more thickness to my hair. Some people do find that hair extensions damage their own hair, so just be cautious of over-using them. 


  • Options: Clip-ins, tape-ins, sew-ins... there's something for everyone.
  • Styling: Can be colored, curled, or straightened just like your natural hair.

4. Wigs: New Day, New Hair 🌈

Wigs are the most full-coverage option for hair loss. When wearing a wig, you will tuck all of your own hair up and underneath the cap. This gives you even more flexibility with style and colour as you do not need to blend your own hair with the wig. 


  • Complete Coverage: Ideal for those with significant hair loss.
  • Endless Styles: The sky's the limit when it comes to styles, colors, and lengths.

wigs for hair loss

Final Thoughts: Every woman's hair journey is unique and it's all about finding the option which feels right for you. Personally, I actually swap between these options almost daily. Some days I'll wear my Clingy Fibers, others my topper and sometimes even a wig! 

Always remember, you're not alone on this journey. We're here, cheering you on every step of the way!

Sending all the love and positive vibes your way! 💕