Why Cotton Fibers Make Your Hair Look Thicker

The thing about cotton hair fibers, like Clingy, is in all the videos you see, they pretty much look like magic. You see these women spraying on their hair. It looks way too good to be true. Surely you can't get instant coverage that easily. 

natural hair fibers

But the videos don't lie! Well....not Clingy's videos at least. But like all great magicians there is a 'trick' behind the illusion. 

Clingy is made from powerful plant magic aka cotton. Cotton naturally clings to hair strands via electrostratic force. Electrostatic force is a 'non-contact' force. Essentially they 'push or pull' objects without touching them. You know when you rub a balloon to your head and it makes your hair stick to the balloon? That's an example of electrostaticity. Clingy works in the same way. 

But, what does it actually do when it forms that electrostatic charge with your hair? 

  1. Texturises: Hair fibers help add texture to your hair which makes it appear fuller and more voluminous. 
  2. Volumises: Hair fibers create a little bit of space between each hair strand, which actually makes hair look like it has more thickness. 
  3. Conceals: For thin hair girls, Clingy is game changing. It conceals those sparse or bald areas, giving the illusion of instant hair. 

Have you tried Clingy yet?